Your Health Scare

Apparently local health care in Kingston is to be opened up to “market testing”.

To you and me that means that our NHS will likely be shifted into the private sector, where certain brain boxes will decide how profitable it can be attempting to make a quick buck literally out of peoples lives.

However, those responsible are not just going to come out and say that. The National Health Service still strikes a chord in even the most apolitical citizen (well maybe not, but you know what I’m driving at) as a positive gain for all concerned. Putting it under the control of the private sector is therefore something of a public relations nightmare.

So, as is their won’t, business bigwigs have put their heads together and come up with an assortment of newspeak to use to make the whole thing a bit more palatable. In a move similar to the classic phrase “outsourcing” (cue exporting jobs overseas to take advantage of lower wages, non-existent unions, child labour and so on) the scuppering of Kingston’s NHS is now referred to as “social enterprising”.

If this goes ahead we will see a period of drastic cuts over the next few years. According to Gill George, member of the UNITE executive, local government intend to “take all community health services, rip them out of the NHS, hand them over to a social enterprise company (like BUPA), and then privatise them slice by slice at the rate of 10% a year.”

Apparently this will also entail “existing NHS staff loseing their pay, conditions, pensions and ultimately their jobs; services for Kingston people will be slashed. Bosses are already talking about cuts of over 28% in 2013/14.”

Sounds scary? That’s because it is. Planning to do something about it? Please do. Drop us a line.

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