Talking Trash

With their customary flair for the nonsensical, the Tories have accused the government of taking us “back to the 1970s” with the ongoing strike wave.

The learned men of Eton seem to think there is something terribly wrong with this sudden upsurge in trade union militancy. But what exactly do they fear about a supposed return to the decade of appalling fashion, great music, labour militancy, and contending super powers?

For a start, only one of those exists anymore (rule out fashion for the time being) as in labour militancy, so this is really the target of conservative upset. Cameron and co are terrified of a revival of the kind of trade union movement that saw rightist elements in the army consider a military coup for the purpose of curbing the unions.

What’s so scary about the unions? If I can avoid slipping into the usual anti-capitalist rant (I’m not drunk so you’re pretty much safe) the Conservative party enshrine the machinations of British corporate interests coupled with the power of “old money” and the landed aristocracy. A trade union is, if it is at all healthy, an organisation created by the working people – the vast majority of this society – for the purpose of defending themselves against the predations of those mentioned.

If I can be forgiven for putting it as simply as I have, such an antagonism is bound to create friction. Political hysteria, army plots, and people being condemned for having the audacity to want a good standard of living are a part of that.

2 thoughts on “Talking Trash

  1. You raise good points as usual, which deserve a longer dissecting piece! Thatch did a pretty good job of demonising the trade union movement, albeit with a little help from certain union factions, who had little interest in promoting the interests of their members. I won’t name them but history will reveal all!
    The Tories as usual. are completely out of touch with ‘ordinary’ people. In fact if they get elected, we will see a return to 19th century Toryism with virtually the entire cabinet being Old-Etonians. With their old favorite right-wing tabloids on-board, any trade union activity will be savaged and branded as attempting to destroy jobs, the country, the Royal family etc.
    Keep up the blogging.


    • True, and it’s interesting how the right wing will fall back on what it sees as “traditional values” – as in the monarchy, house of lords, patriachy, and other assorting unpleasantness, in order to defend vested interests. It’s almost as if they can sense in the unions a great potential for change, which terrifies them into incoherance, yet dangerous action all the same.


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