ENOUGH about Trump! Drop the Personality Politics, Liberals, and Look in the Mirror!


A version of this article also appeared with the Greanville Post.

Trump is bad. Trump is mean. Trump said this. Trump said that. Trump likes Russians. Russians are awful. Trump is too. Trumpity Trump Trump. Trump.

This is essentially a summary of much of the western “liberal” media since November, or perhaps even prior. A tiresome bombardment of personality-fixated “news” coverage, much of which amounts to more of a botched character assassination than any real analysis of US politics. It’s beyond boring.

Let’s not mistake me, however. I don’t like the bloke. He’s stands as an apt personification of a sizeable segment of the American ruling order, essentially a man so enthused with self-adoration, avarice and intellectual inadequacy that you at times find yourself wondering if he’s actually real.

This does not excuse the personalised, partisan mewling of a huge proportion of his detractors, however. It’s never ending; a sea of chattering heads, all turning an increasingly deep shade of pink as their liberal sensibilities are further affronted by the presence of a man who says things they don’t like. The horror.

Again, don’t get me wrong. Trump behaves like a clown. He doesn’t seem to be able to control his own mouth. He’s surrounded himself with reactionary trash ill-suited for anything approaching a modicum of responsibility, let alone political office. Yet he hasn’t actually done anything, yet, other than shoot his mouth off.

The duo so missed by liberal America, however, have done much more. Obama and Clinton are responsible for deaths in multiple countries, the modernisation and upgrading of the US nuclear arsenal, the support of fascism in Ukraine, and the intentional exacerbation of military tensions in Eastern Europe. For some remarkable reason this often escapes notice.

Those now feeling annoyed at such claims need to answer honestly and tell me which is worse. Try and avoid any hypothetical abstractions about how “bad” Trump might be at some unspecific future date, and just answer the following. Why are you angry when Trump behaves like a misogynistic fool, yet are silent over Clinton’s support for a regime that murders feminists? Why are you “scared” of Trump’s foreign policy, yet say nothing over Obama’s massive efforts to revamp America’s world-destroying nuclear capability?

Why are you up in arms about Trump’s “white supremacy” yet didn’t even move from your couch over American support for full-blown fascism elsewhere? Why are you raving about what Trump may do with something known as the “Military Industrial Complex” (essentially a point of “original sin” for all of America’s woes, apparently) yet unconcerned whilst Obama floods Eastern Europe with yet more troops?

Why are you so upset about Trump’s latest macho Twitter storm, yet barely registered Clinton’s maniacal bragging over the murder of a North African political leader? Why are you “moved” over Meryl Streep’s “broken heart” in regard to Trump’s alleged mockery of a disabled person, yet were distinctly unmoved (like Streep) as Obama blasted multiple nations across the planet, killing legions of innocent people?

Why are you so suddenly outraged by the machinations of the Kremlin (who else?) yet unconcerned over habitual US aggression towards Russia itself, from “liberal” Bill Clinton’s support for the crushing of the Supreme Soviet to Obama’s intentionally provocative “Missile Defence Shield”? Why do you stutter and whine over Trump’s idiotic ramblings about a wall with Mexico, yet are again remarkably silent over the Democrat’s creation (and Obama’s endorsement) of NAFTA, a predatory arrangement that has inflicted catastrophic harm upon Mexico’s people?

I could go on. If hypocrisy and self-indulgence could be harvested, the US would be the world’s fruit basket. Yet a few points of query have to be stressed. Are you, liberal America, actually concerned, at any point, with the general welfare of the planet, or simply outraged that your own sense of political identity and esteem has been marred by the trauma of defeat?

Are you sincerely looking to engage with the reality of a fundamentally unjust global order, or merely enjoying gesticulating about your own “progressive” credentials in expectation of another pat on the back? Do you genuinely care about the unpardonable suffering we currently bear witness to, or will such concerns fade the moment a suitably photogenic Democrat is back in the White House?

It’s something to give serious thought. And that’s a thing that’s been lacking on the political and journalistic scene for some time. Thought. Real scrutiny. Real study. Holding back and pondering, rather than simply vomiting vitriol into the public sphere for purposes of furthering your own interests. The superficial media coverage of Trump is a case in point. The irritating, myopic hypocrisy of many of his detractors is another.

A paradigm shift would seem to be in order. And what better place to start than via a study of the actual structural mechanics of oppression, that being the presence of a sole superpower enforcing global economic and military hegemony at the expense of most of the population. An entity that has usurped and exterminated entire peoples, devastated nations, brutalised swathes of the global population via economic predation, and is again scrambling, from Europe to the Pacific, to enforce its flailing order via the barrel of a gun. Would that seem to be a pertinent subject, or is feigned outrage at Trump’s latest Tweet more appealing?


4 thoughts on “ENOUGH about Trump! Drop the Personality Politics, Liberals, and Look in the Mirror!

  1. Well said, Daniel. I look forward to more of your writings on this and other pertinent topics of vital importance. Up the revolution!


  2. Thanks! This one was written essentially in a burst of emotion. It seems the Democrats are falling all over themselves to essentially whitewash their own misdeeds and portray Trump as a random aberration. This needs to be challenged at all points, methinks.


  3. Thanks Daniel, great Post!!… I’m not American but its the same here in Australia…. left and right have become meaningless even the Greens here do not oppose Capitalism or militarism they function merely as at best a check /balance mechanism .. on the power of the 2 wings of the corporate military party…… its time for all people who care about this planet to revolt at every level collectively and personally …

    And yet the masses in the west seem to be suffering from gross historical amnesia…. brainwashed by not only the mainstream media but the tropes of popular culture , for instance Hollywood films and high quality fin d’empire decadent television series al a HBO … immersed in private technological and entertainment cocoons….
    here’s a quote from ..”notes on the society of the spectacle”by Guy Debord… published in 1986….. a recent English version published by Verso …. page 19

    “There is no place left where people can discuss the realities which concern them, because they can never lastingly free themselves from the crushing presence of media discourse”… the media discourse is now the suffocating consensus reality everywhere one turns…. it seems almost insurmountable and hopeless….
    Marc B.

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    • Pretty much! More or less the same in the UK, also, in fact it’s an incredibly disturbing trend just how much a well presented liberal is able to get away with, Obama being a prime example. It seems that what’s at work here isn’t really an objection to war, militarism, economic predation etc, but an objection to domestic policy goals that some consider out of step with an allegedly “progressive” America. Democratic support for Trump in foreign policy ventures (like bombing Syria) highlight just how superficial these people are, and how utterly unconcerned they are when it comes to human life that has the temerity to not have US citizenship. No matter how much they disagree on things at home, it seems the majority of Americans will unite when it comes to the question of US hegemony/supremacy overseas.


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